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Universal Lighting Systems

Images & Text courtesy of Universal Lighting Systems™

A Passion for Excellence! A Vision for Value! A Commitment to Service!

These are the core values of the principals at Universal Lighting Systems, Inc.

Since our inception, Universal Lighting Systems (UNVLS) continues its pursuit to excel above the competition in providing the highest value in "Beautifully crafted, quality engineered products for everyone"!

Combining over 60 years of industry experience, UNVLS brings together the passion, vision, and commitment characterized by past personal involvement in installation, manufacturing, sales and distribution of lighting to Landscape / Irrigation and the Lighting Showroom / Electrical industries.

Our goal is that you experience a higher caliber of service, treasure our quality, and enjoy a higher retention of profits!

At UNVLS we encourage you to experience a fresh perspective, and anticipate joining with you to create a partnership of commitment to our core principles of excellence, value and service!

Universal Lighting Systems (UNVLS) manufactures a complete line of Low Voltage (12 volts) Landscape Lighting Products to include fixtures, and the industry's widest assortment of transformers. Engineered to exceed industry standards, UNVLS fixtures offer performance, reliability, and superior value in an architectural grade product. UNVLS transformers are manufactured to industry standards and offer the widest variety of transformers in the industry to include our new STL series that targets the fastest growing segment in landscape lighting with the innovation of LED products.

While Universal Lighting Systems incorporates the highest quality materials like 304 Stainless Steel, aircraft grade Aluminum Alloys, and Brass, our strength is in the value we offer in making these standards affordable and within reach to most consumers seeking a professional grade landscape lighting system.

The workhorse of our transformer line is the EI Laminated magnetic core MTM series. At UNVLS we don't stop there. We also offer the superior MTT 12-15 volt Toroidal series, and the MTP 12-22 volt Toroidal transformers at an excellent value exceeding anything the competition can provide at our price points.

LED being the growth force that it is, at UNVLS value engineering our own proprietary LED has been key to providing a long life, consistent color, high lumen product that you can install with confidence.



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